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Terraria: A New Adventure: Chapter 1 Part 3

The blade got stuck in the Zombie’s head. I had made for an overhead swing and smashed the skull just fine. But now I had my sword caught in the slime who refused to let go. I kicked the corpse

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Terraria: A New Adventure: Chapter 1 Part 2

I placed the wooden workbench down opposite the door. Brett stepped up and started a long explanation on why we needed the little bench in the first place. I tuned him out and used a few planks to make an

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Starbound To Add New Features

So for any Starbound fans out there they recently posted a blog talking about some new updates they will be adding. First, despite the vast amounts of planets you get to explore it eventually begins to feel stale because of

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Terraria: A New Adventure: Chapter 1 Part 1

This is my first post in the Terraria section of Mineboard. Thank you so much for reading.   I awoke to some sort of sensation, what felt like… Snow? I bolted up to save my back end from the freezing

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Minecraft To Allow Name Changes

Recently it was announced that Minecraft will allow users to change their name in an upcoming update. The question that everyone is asking, however, is how will it work? Mojang has levied a few rules regarding changing your Minecraft name.

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