Terraria: A New Adventure: Chapter 1 Part 1

This is my first post in the Terraria section of Mineboard. Thank you so much for reading.


I awoke to some sort of sensation, what felt like… Snow? I bolted up to save my back end from the freezing snow, instead putting it under my feet. ‘Why am I in a snow biome?’ I thought as I examined my surroundings. I turned right to see my friend Guy sprawled out, fully awake, making snow angels. On my left was the guide for our adventure, Brett. I checked behind me and saw the long grass and trees of a forest biome with what looked like an overhang and a Slime?! I dug in the snow until I found a copper shortsword, better for stabbing than swinging. I took the puny blade and jabbed at the little green blob of goo until it finally died, sinking into the ground and leaving a few copper coins and a little gel.


“Guy, you need to get up. We were almost attacked.” I stated, tossing him another shortsword. He got up and shook his head in annoyance.


“Come on Minepro, I was just having a bit of fun.” I rolled my eyes at that statement. I stepped out of the winter wonderland and into the forest. The trees looked perfect for resources, so I took the axe I packed and began chopping. Guy came over and looked over my shoulder, much to my annoyance.


“Guy, I can’t get us wood with you breathing down my neck.” He immediately backed off and I continued chopping only to find that the tree was a stump and there were wooden planks everywhere. I packed up the rest of the wood and left for another tree.


When I was done, it was evening and I had about 200 planks in my pack. How they fit without weighing me down I shouldn’t question. I’m from Minecraftia and I can carry up to thirty six stacks of sixty four cubic meters of planks. I quit my thoughts and began on a house on the cliffside. It had a stone foundation from stuff that Guy mined out and was all wood; floor included. I could hear moaning outside just as I finished and Brett came to inspect and move in…

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