Terraria: A New Adventure: Chapter 1 Part 2

I placed the wooden workbench down opposite the door. Brett stepped up and started a long explanation on why we needed the little bench in the first place. I tuned him out and used a few planks to make an actual sword and a bow.


“Minepro, wait! You don’t have any arrows.” Brett yelled as I shut the door. Guy was on the roof with his copper dagger in hand. I drew my wooden sword and glared down at the zombies that were clawing at the outer wall. Guy got up and headed inside. I didn’t blame him, those brain eaters looked angry; and hungry. I inspected the slowly growing horde from the safety of the roof. There were about ten from my view; two of which having arrows stuck in them. I spat onto a zombie and took out a grenade I found.


Leaping over the horde, I chucked the grenade at the zombie below me. It got stuck in its mouth until the head was promptly removed by the following explosion. The shrapnel, brains and everything, pierced the other zombies, making a few attack each other. I drew my sword again and prepared for the zombies that weren’t busy being eaten alive by their brethren. They tried to take me down but I leapt back and readied my sword. A zombie with a slime on its head reared back to attack. I waited for the right moment…

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