Terraria: A New Adventure: Chapter 1 Part 3

The blade got stuck in the Zombie’s head. I had made for an overhead swing and smashed the skull just fine. But now I had my sword caught in the slime who refused to let go. I kicked the corpse off my blade and hit it against the ground, killing the slime. More were coming after me, some with weapons, some without. I dodged one that was trying to use its forearms as a sort of shiv. The living corpse tried to stab me when an arrow buried itself in both arms, pinning it to the ground. I finished it off with a stomp to the head then turned to find two more in its place.


Whilst I was beating away the undead, something flew by and knocked me to the ground. I flung myself back up and used a spin attack to knock the rest of the Zombies away. Another arrow whipped by me and hit whatever was flying around. I chucked my dagger at the… Eye? I was dumbfounded by the basketball sized eye floating right in front of me with an arrow jutting out of its cornea. The eye came at me again and smacked me in the face, only to catch another finishing blow that pinned it against a nearby tree. The Zombies were lured in by the smell of blood and began digging into the flesh of this demon eye.


“Minepro! Here!” Guy tossed me another grenade and I wasted no time at all removing the pin and throwing it at the horde. The explosion was even bloodier than the first with blood and innards getting strung everywhere. Half of a body got hung from a tree by its own intestines. The other half killed another eye by smashing it against the house, staining the windows red. I took a mental note to clean that up once morning came. I hopped back up and surveyed the rest of the damage as the sun rose. There wasn’t a crater which surprised me. Normally in minecraftia, explosives of any kind left a crater. I continued checking the terrain. The ground was red, the trees were red everything was red with bits of gore here and there… Brett came up and handed me a sponge and some water for the window…

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