Terraria: A New Adventure: Chapter 1 Part 3

The blade got stuck in the Zombie’s head. I had made for an overhead swing and smashed the skull just fine. But now I had my sword caught in the slime who refused to let go. I kicked the corpse off my blade and hit it against the ground, killing the slime. More were coming after me, some with weapons, some without. I dodged one that was trying to use its forearms as a sort of shiv. The living corpse tried to stab me when an arrow buried itself in both arms, pinning it to the ground. I finished it off with a stomp to the head then turned to find two more in its place.


Whilst I was beating away the undead, something flew by and knocked me to the ground. I flung myself back up and used a spin attack to knock the rest of the Zombies away. Another arrow whipped by me and hit whatever was flying around. I chucked my dagger at the… Eye? I was dumbfounded by the basketball sized eye floating right in front of me with an arrow jutting out of its cornea. The eye came at me again and smacked me in the face, only to catch another finishing blow that pinned it against a nearby tree. The Zombies were lured in by the smell of blood and began digging into the flesh of this demon eye.


“Minepro! Here!” Guy tossed me another grenade and I wasted no time at all removing the pin and throwing it at the horde. The explosion was even bloodier than the first with blood and innards getting strung everywhere. Half of a body got hung from a tree by its own intestines. The other half killed another eye by smashing it against the house, staining the windows red. I took a mental note to clean that up once morning came. I hopped back up and surveyed the rest of the damage as the sun rose. There wasn’t a crater which surprised me. Normally in minecraftia, explosives of any kind left a crater. I continued checking the terrain. The ground was red, the trees were red everything was red with bits of gore here and there… Brett came up and handed me a sponge and some water for the window…

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Terraria: A New Adventure: Chapter 1 Part 2

I placed the wooden workbench down opposite the door. Brett stepped up and started a long explanation on why we needed the little bench in the first place. I tuned him out and used a few planks to make an actual sword and a bow.


“Minepro, wait! You don’t have any arrows.” Brett yelled as I shut the door. Guy was on the roof with his copper dagger in hand. I drew my wooden sword and glared down at the zombies that were clawing at the outer wall. Guy got up and headed inside. I didn’t blame him, those brain eaters looked angry; and hungry. I inspected the slowly growing horde from the safety of the roof. There were about ten from my view; two of which having arrows stuck in them. I spat onto a zombie and took out a grenade I found.


Leaping over the horde, I chucked the grenade at the zombie below me. It got stuck in its mouth until the head was promptly removed by the following explosion. The shrapnel, brains and everything, pierced the other zombies, making a few attack each other. I drew my sword again and prepared for the zombies that weren’t busy being eaten alive by their brethren. They tried to take me down but I leapt back and readied my sword. A zombie with a slime on its head reared back to attack. I waited for the right moment…

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Starbound To Add New Features

So for any Starbound fans out there they recently posted a blog talking about some new updates they will be adding. First, despite the vast amounts of planets you get to explore it eventually begins to feel stale because of the lack of things to do on them, minus exploring a dungeon or two. They’re working on adding new dungeons and fun NPCs that will add more depth to the planets, which is something the game desperately needs! Second, another feature I’m really excited for is “bookmarking” planets. This will allow you to save a planet so you can easily return to any bases or cool things you’ve established! I’ve always missed certain planets and wanted to return but have never been able to, so hopefully with this addition I can finally do that.


There’s currently no date on when the updates will be finished, but let’s hope it’s soon!

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Terraria: A New Adventure: Chapter 1 Part 1

This is my first post in the Terraria section of Mineboard. Thank you so much for reading.


I awoke to some sort of sensation, what felt like… Snow? I bolted up to save my back end from the freezing snow, instead putting it under my feet. ‘Why am I in a snow biome?’ I thought as I examined my surroundings. I turned right to see my friend Guy sprawled out, fully awake, making snow angels. On my left was the guide for our adventure, Brett. I checked behind me and saw the long grass and trees of a forest biome with what looked like an overhang and a Slime?! I dug in the snow until I found a copper shortsword, better for stabbing than swinging. I took the puny blade and jabbed at the little green blob of goo until it finally died, sinking into the ground and leaving a few copper coins and a little gel.


“Guy, you need to get up. We were almost attacked.” I stated, tossing him another shortsword. He got up and shook his head in annoyance.


“Come on Minepro, I was just having a bit of fun.” I rolled my eyes at that statement. I stepped out of the winter wonderland and into the forest. The trees looked perfect for resources, so I took the axe I packed and began chopping. Guy came over and looked over my shoulder, much to my annoyance.


“Guy, I can’t get us wood with you breathing down my neck.” He immediately backed off and I continued chopping only to find that the tree was a stump and there were wooden planks everywhere. I packed up the rest of the wood and left for another tree.


When I was done, it was evening and I had about 200 planks in my pack. How they fit without weighing me down I shouldn’t question. I’m from Minecraftia and I can carry up to thirty six stacks of sixty four cubic meters of planks. I quit my thoughts and began on a house on the cliffside. It had a stone foundation from stuff that Guy mined out and was all wood; floor included. I could hear moaning outside just as I finished and Brett came to inspect and move in…

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Minecraft To Allow Name Changes

Recently it was announced that Minecraft will allow users to change their name in an upcoming update. The question that everyone is asking, however, is how will it work? Mojang has levied a few rules regarding changing your Minecraft name. First, your account must be a “Mojang Account” this is something  I never did adapt to or move my account over to but for those who did you’ll have this feature. Second, you can only change your name once every 30 days. Third, your name will become available after 37 days. And it has also been confirmed that name changes will still keep users banned on servers. So to any griefers out there you’re still out of luck if you want to circumvent bans.

I don’t see much use or need in this feature and believe that the game has many more problems and features that need to be focused on. But hey, you’ll be able to change your name starting February 4th. Have fun.

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