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[Minecraft Update] Skin Database Migration!

MineBotMineBot Members
edited January 2014 in Minecraft
[b]Skin Database Migration![/b]

<p>Between <strong>Monday, January 20, 07:00 CET</strong> (Stockholm time) and <strong>Wednesday, January 22, 07:00 CET</strong> (also Stockholm time), we’ll be migrating our skin and cape databases. During these days, uploading skins and changing/redeeming capes will not be possible. Sorry for any inconvenience!<br/><br/>This only affects the PC version of Minecraft, and you will still be able to see the skin and/or cape you had before the migration started.<br/><br/>The reason we are doing this is to make it easier for us to add more personalization on your Minecraft characters. We’ll see what the future brings!<br/><br/></p>

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