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What Type of Builder Are You?

ChaosChaos Management
edited January 2014 in Minecraft
Do you build large structures that are very spacious? Or smaller, more home-like abodes? Or maybe something else? What type of builder are you.

I play on a world with a couple of real life friends, and I typically handle most of the structural building. My girlfriend and her friend will organize chests and do some of the boring stuff (mining out our mountain) and interior decorating. And my other friend handles redstone and other structures with me.

It's actually a pretty nice system and we have fun when we play. If you guys are interested, I could upload some pictures. But yeah.


  • I'm kind of an all around builder, except for redstone. that's my only weakness. otherwise I'm typically a great builder whose careful nature comes in handy in creating neat, well built structures. as long as I have floor plans and an idea on height, I can build anything. except for private parts. I will NOT do that!

    also, pictures would be nice.
  • HaroldHarold Management
    I am an inverse builder. TNT and fire are my main tools.
  • just don't inverse my buildings otherwise I think you know...
  • ChaosChaos Management
    I've done quite a bit of debuilding in my time. :P I'd post pics but my computer is internally combusting ATM, fed it too many graham crackers I guess..
  • since when do computers eat crackers? you should know they're bad for anyone. except when they're s'mores.
  • HaroldHarold Management
    Graham crackers are my daily bread, how dare you say bad things about them.
  • okay, let me rephrase that! Graham crackers aren't usually good tasting except for when they're with something like marshmallows and chocolate.
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Alright guys, so I'm really sorry. I had taken pictures and everything. But that obviously won't be of any use to me now that my hard drive has combusted... This weekend my girlfriend, and our 2 friends will be creating a new Minecraft world and breathing life into it.

    Just some backstory: Our 1st world was called KFC due to us making a pen of chickens and feeding ourselves with their meat and feathers. :P So in our new world we will honor that somehow, probably a statue. And we will be calling this world Taco Bell with some generous cow and pig pens.

    It's quite a sad loss, I really loved that world. There were some amazing things that I spent hours building. Buuuut whateva! More MC fun for me!
  • wow... that's touching.
    *sheds manly tear*
    maybe I'll get rid of my worlds and start over! except for comic world. I can't get rid of luckcraftia
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