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Starbound Survival Series

ChaosChaos Management
edited January 2014 in Starbound
Link To First Episode:

So I'm doing a Starbound survival series, so if you guys have any feedback or suggestions please post it here or on the videos. :) The first video was really just to set some foundation and let me see what I need to work on. I'll be trying to improve from here. Thanks!


  • Awesome! will check it out when I have the chance and I'll subscribe to your channel too!
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Okay, thanks! Please give feedback and tell your friends!
  • Will do! but i don't know anyone who plays starcraft. Ah well! I'll tell my friends then!
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Okay, cool!
  • HaroldHarold Management
    edited January 2014
    You need to adjust your recorder, the edges of the screen are cropped, and the quality doesn't look too great.

    Good video though. Remember not to use copyrighted songs so we can monetize the videos :)
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Okay thanks Lucas! I'll work on the suggestions. ^_^
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Posted a new episode!
  • HaroldHarold Management
    Going to make a new thread or link the video?
  • ChaosChaos Management

    New video.
  • HaroldHarold Management
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Give feedback if you have any please. It's in 720p now, any improvement?
  • Loads of improvement bro! Just saw it last night and it's really great. Could work a bit on your speech and if you can, put someone else on and troll them as they try to survive. Everyone likes seeing trolling. (p.s. you just sound a little dull to me, you don't have to change.)
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Okay, thanks! Yeah I don't normally do legit commentaries. In my trolling videos I'm sort of like a different person. I'll work on my commentary skills and hopefully improve. BTW, loads of school work so posting may be reduced.

    Thanks for the tips!
  • Same here. But I can still use a computer 4 times a day.*trollface* Most of my teachers don't even care what I do.
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