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Sky terrain: Act 5 Part 6

MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
edited February 2014 in Minecraft
Stuck down here with the only two things that will sure fire kill me is very frustrating; let alone being stuck in the dark with no way to see them. Maybe I should start from where I began. As I entered the tunnel, the floor started crumbling with me on it. I lept my way through the death floor and onto an iron rail which I slid down extremely quickly. Guess it didn’t help that I made my boot plates so slick with some grease I had either. I slipped off the rail and into the black abyss that was apparently the void.

I drew my sword hoping to Notch it’ll let me see without being seen. The gem on it started glowing violet for some strange reason. I guessed it was some sort of weird perk that let me see hidden rooms with loot.

I followed the signal to a hall just off the main path. It was so dark that without light no one could see their hand in front of their face. I spotted a chest and without looking, opened it to find an odd looking jewel. It was glowing the same violet as my gem and started floating up to my sword.

This jewel was trying to get to my only weapon and I was letting it. Its light seemed very soothing in the horrid darkness. Suddenly; a blinding white light flashed and disappeared as soon as it came. I checked my sword to make sure it didn’t disintegrate and it looked much better than okay. The hilt had been modified to have a more wing like structure to it and the gem was now violet no matter what. The blade was longer and glowing violet as well. I held the sword in front of me and it fired two bolts at the creepers, who hadn’t noticed and continued with their business. Even though I was behind a wall I could still see them perfectly due to the violet outlines surrounding them.

‘This will be a great tactic to hunt my enemies with. Guess I should be glad I found that gem’ I thought. ‘Maybe now I could avoid them.’ I lept up to a ledge about 3 blocks above me, clambered up and rested there while dowsing for more enemies with my sword. I caught site of a couple of guards and shot more markers at them. At that point the creepers’ markers disappeared. I hopped up to the next ledge and the next. That brought me about 9 blocks above the enemies. Now it was time to make a break for it and find Herobrine. I clambered up another 3 blocks and crept around the corner to find a Zombie with its back turned. Taking the collar of its shirt, I threw it off the ledge and into some water.

I caught site of a pair of familiar white eyes staring at the wall that was in front of the Zombie. Taking my sword it disabled the eyes’ magic somehow and sucked it into the blade. From that ledge, I scanned for more enemies. And found about three more in front of me. Wasn’t sure what they were, but I knew one thing; they were BIG. Taking the high ground again, I sidled my way around them and dropped down the platforms one by one until I was about 8 blocks from and above them. I snuck 10 more blocks and dropped down to the first ledge. It seemed that they didn’t see me yet so I let myself down the rest of the way, crouched and continued on my way to wherever Herobrine would be. And then it struck me…”I don’t even have a creeping map!” I whispered to myself…


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