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Sky Terrain: Act 5 Part 7

MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
edited February 2014 in Minecraft
I made my way back to the guards and shot an arrow into the wall ten blocks in front of them as a diversion. They began walking towards the noise and I took the closest one out first, then the front one. It only took one close look at their hips to know that they had loot. As I took everything they had with them, I quickly scanned the hall for any Creepers or other mobs that’d banzai attack me. When I finished, I had a total of thirty emeralds, two light arrows, another bottle filled with grapefruit juice which I promptly emptied since I hate the stuff; and a set of Guard Armor which I put on over my tunic to disguise myself. I noticed something poking me through the thick chest plate of the armor and I pulled it out.

It was a map of the inner compound. Apparently, it was filled with rooms blocked off by iron bars that I hadn’t noticed until now; like a prison of some sort. I went up to a room and noticed it had a resident of Sky Terrain in it. She looked as though she had been here quite long and had lengthy white hair. Her eyes sparkled green the same way my dad described how mine did. Her skin was pale and she looked malnourished.

“Hey, are you okay miss?” I whispered, trying not to attract any unwanted attention.

She looked up, startled that a guard would be talking to her. Before I could take off my helmet, she made like she was going to faint.

I unlocked the door, went in, and took off my helmet.

“Miss, are you okay? Who did this to you?”

She was very scared and probably a little crazy from what she’d been through.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my box?” she croaked.

“Box? Listen, my name is Minepro and-” I was interrupted as she fell to the ground at the mention of my name. When she came to, she reached up and held my cheek in her clammy hand.

“My stars, is that really you after all these years?” She cooed.

“I never got to ask your name ma’am.” I muttered under my breath just loud enough for her to hear.

“Don’t you recognize me? It’s me, Kris, your mother.” Then it hit me. She had disappeared when I was three overnight. Now I know what had happened. Herobrine had kidnapped her and stole her away to this wretched place to rot. That only fueled my hatred for him.

“We need to get you out of here, now. I can get you out if you can follow me up.”

“Right now I’m too weak to walk, I need something to eat.” I handed her a few bowls of mushroom soup I made earlier for just such a trek. She downed them without a word; and looked like she wanted more. I handed her a pork chop and an apple and she wolfed both of them down without hesitation. Once she could stand, I wrote a note to Macy telling her to meet me in the compound with a torch and a weapon.

I waited there until she arrived and she took my mother up while I trekked on, referring to my map for guidance…
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