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Sky Terrain: Act 5 Part 8

MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
edited February 2014 in Minecraft
As I rounded another corner; a Creeper caught me and used its mouth to pull out a siren. I ripped out my bow and put an arrow in it before it could start it up. Taking a right next, I found a room with a chest filled with Diamonds which I promptly took. I slipped a sheet of paper out and wrote a quick note on it, placing it in the chest and taking the Creeper’s weird tracking device on the open lid. I triggered a distress signal and hid.

“So which Creeper was this?” Bob asked.

“This is subject 04-92, nicknamed ‘Creepy’ He’s a good friend of Deddie you know.” A Zombie spoke as they arrived at the location of the distress signal.

When they stepped close to the chest, the lid flung open with confetti flying out.

“What the CREEP man! I thought this chest had a bunch of diamonds in it, not some stupid-” Bob paused, shocked at the scene before him. His friend was equally surprised at the horror of the scene. On the bottom of the lid was a piece of paper with the words “You mad bro?” along with a scribbled Troll Face below it.

“WHO HAS THE NERVE TO TROLL US?!!!!!!!” Zombiebob screamed.

I looked on at the scene of the crime from above, trying terribly to suppress my giggles as they stared in total utter shock. Then it screamed.


I hid myself within a small outcropping and burst out laughing my pants off!
“I can’t believe those guys fell for it!!” I squealed between laughing fits. As I continued my rolling on the floor whilst laughing, the Zombie and guard detected me and started crawling up.

“You guys really think you can kill me?” I said after I spotted them. I aimed one of my MP surprise arrows between the two and fired. They dodged, but the glass tip burst, spewing out Enderman blood over the area of a three block radius and dissolving them both.

I continued up another five floors using parkour and I was finally up at the gate where Herobrine was possibly waiting…


  • Two in one day, I'm getting on a roll! Come on, let's go for THREE!
  • HaroldHarold Management
    This sounds so similar to something that actually happened on a server I was on a couple years ago. Classic 12 year olds.
  • 12 year olds huh? did they get back trolled? and do you have a video if they did? I'd to see one.:)
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