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Sky Terrain: Act 5 Part 9

MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
edited February 2014 in Minecraft
I stood there, contemplating what he would do once he saw me come in. Would he try to decapitate me? Or would he just blow me to bits with a Creeper army. I’d never know if I wouldn’t go in. So I carefully opened the large door and peered inside.

It was very ornately decorated with gold trim all over the top, bounding a Glass/Obsidian mixed wall that kept a lava lake out and finally, a Checkerboard Diamond block/Redstone floor with some red carpentry in the middle. I snuck in hoping that I wasn’t seen, I was very wrong as I was struck in the face by a blunt object that left a burn on my face.

“It’s so good to see you again boy. I was wondering when you’d come back for another BEATING.” I hopped up and threw a kick at Herobrine, but he caught my boot and kicked me in the groin.

“No, cheap, shots.” I muttered under what little breath I had left after the blow. I whipped out my bow and tripped him with a stinging blow to the shin. I then nocked an arrow and fired at his head. But as soon as the arrow made contact with his head, he was gone. I scanned the room for any sign of him and found it when I was slammed against the wall the obsidian cracked under the force. I removed Herobrine and threw him towards the other wall, his head broke the glass band I sent him for and he fell in the lava.

I figured that was the end of him and stepped toward the door. However, the door wouldn’t open and I heard him unsheathe a sword from behind. I drew mine as soon as he grappled with me, trying to cut my throat.

“I will rip your skin off and use it as a rug for my fireplace!” He yelled in a demonic voice. I threw him off and clashed swords with him again.

“I’ll take YOUR skin and make a pair of gloves with it!” A smartass quip, sure to tick him off severely.

Herobrine swung at my groin but I dodged and swiped his belt. “Come on dude, you’re so terrible at this!” Herobrine had had enough of my playing around so he took out a hammer and bashed me over the head with it…

‘Where am I’ I looked around to see an odd menu in front of me; behind it, a cute little village in a desert near a beach. Next to me was Conscience who was focused on something. The menu had four options, Single Player (Strange, since there were many people in Sky Terrain) Multiplayer (more suitable, but I still didn’t get the player thing) Options (I was wierded out by this but checked it out anyway). As soon as I selected options, the village was replaced by a birch wood background as many settings were shown. I exited and tried Single Player. There was one option, Sky Terrain Template; I got out and went to Multiplayer, another single option, Sky Terrain Server.
I selected it and was back where I was before. Herobrine was sitting with his back turned to me, playing music with some note blocks. I unsheathed my sword quietly and pierced him from behind.

“You think you can kill me, boy?” He chuckled. “I am god here, and you will be loyal to ME!” He flung me across the room and sprinted after me. I got up just in time to dodge another blow and take his hand off. Herobrine reared back, clutching his wrist stump and crying out in pain. I took that opportunity to ram my sword into his head.

As soon as I did though, he disappeared and the whole place started collapsing! I kicked down the door and sprinted through the complex, grinding the ledges I used to sneak up to the room back down to the starting point. Macy was there with a grappling hook, but I never got there as Herobrine came out of nowhere and tried to kill me. I ran him through and chopped his head off. Before the two of us could leave, he spoke.

“You offered me a good fight boy. One day though; I will beat you when the universe…” Herobrine was dead, but I still wondered about the rest of what he had to say. It didn’t matter as this place was about to collapse. Macy flung her grapple up and we climbed up to the surface and took off from that wretched place with my mother in tow.

It was all over…


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