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What sandbox game should i get next?

i already have MineCraft, and i am looking for another game to try, any simple sandbox game to follow up minecraft for me?


  • HaroldHarold Management
    I like StarMade a lot, and you can play it for free:

    It's a bit rough around the edges sometimes but I really enjoy it.

    Terraria, Starbound, and Space Engineers are great too, with Terraria and Starbound being sidescroller building games (but awesome!) and Space Engineers is another space building game with much more realistic graphics and physics than StarMade, but different.
  • thanks!
  • so starmade is similar to minecraft?
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Well Starmade is sort of like Minecraft in space where you can build a Spaceship and space station. It's super awesome. Definitely get that.
  • MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
    You should also try 7 days to die. It's a 3D sandbox game in which you must survive against hordes of Zombies each coming night. It's still in alpha, but it's already got amazing graphics, a nice physics system, and enough baddies to keep it fresh for a long time.
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Does that game work on Mac Mcminer?
  • HaroldHarold Management
    It does indeed support OS X, if you're a plebian who uses that. It's on Steam, too.
  • ChaosChaos
    is said plebeian. How much does it cost?
    edited July 2014
    /me is said plebeian.

    How much does it cost?
  • HaroldHarold Management
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Well, not buying that game anytime soon. :P
  • MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
    You get it for cheaper if you buy a two pack, then you can send a copy off to a friend.

    Still though, it's a great game and I recommend it.
  • ok!
  • well.... anyways, i may/may not get that game (won't play any time soon, as forums are too much fun to converse in)
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Well Starmade is still free if you're interested! ^_^ But glad you are enjoying the forums. :P
  • cool
  • MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
    I'm glad you're enjoying Mineboard as well. Maybe if you gain enough experience, you could become a mod just like me:D
  • maybe, but that isn't a good goal to strive for.
  • MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
    Maybe, but it's also better than making a grilled cheese because it lasts longer.
    *eats grilled cheese*
    See, being mod lasted longer than mine.
  • HaroldHarold Management
    edited July 2014
    wat is going on here

    did I hear cheese
  • lol
  • MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
    Yup! I was telling Bazzar Larry that being mod lasts longer than grilled cheese.
    *eats another grilled cheese*
    I told him.
  • not for me,
    *puts a grilled cheese into a glass trophy case*
  • MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
    See you when that stinks up your house!
  • it's air tight
  • MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
    Doesn't mean air's already in it.
    *leaves room*
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