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ChaosChaos Management
Hey guys, I just wanted to post a thread to collect some feedback from you guys on the forum. So if you have anything to say or suggest, like a new feature or something cool you'd like to see on the site - post it here. :) Please post as much as you want and keep the suggestions flowing! Luke and I will take these ideas into account as we further development on the site.

Kolton T.


  • HaroldHarold Management
    i want more pictures of monkeys
  • ChaosChaos
    sighs a deep heavy sigh
    /me sighs a deep heavy sigh
  • HaroldHarold Management
    since people aren't posting more pics of monkeys, I may have to take matters into my own hands, roger?
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Oh no abort mission roger
  • HaroldHarold Management
    I think we need more discussions and I also think that annoying guy luke needs to stop harassing mcminer all the time and making him mad for no reason, that's just bad for the community.

    More topics we can talk in would be awesome! And more members! Tell your friends! Tell your parents we're selling drugs here! Tell your classmates to stfu and your teacher that you have a right to be on the internet posting on a forum instead of learning stupid crap like math, because the Internet possesses all knowledge and therefore you are learning more than you ever could in her stupid class with the pet rodent filling its aquarium with steaming, maggot-filled sharts of death.
  • ChaosChaos Management
    I agree telling all teachers that immediately and who is this Luke guy?
  • I think we should see if we can't add a way to upload images for mobile devices. I mean I like using URLs and all but wouldn't it be faster if we could just upload from our phones right then and there?
  • HaroldHarold Management
    That is one thing I've been wanting for years, but mostly for the desktop. I'd love to be able to just drag and drop an image from my desktop onto the post editor and have it upload automatically, but sadly it seems that Vanilla doesn't have any support for that sort of feature.
    And I can't find a good up-to-date plugin for it either.
  • Well that really sucks. I wanted to show you guys something!
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