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7 Days to Die: Lagventures Day 1

I woke up at a crossroads with zombies to my left and right. They were out of sight range so I was safe. I searched around the forest area, punched a tree which took forever and started making my planks with low stamina and hurt hands. It wasn't til later when I searched a cooler that I found my trusty shovel.

I started digging a 2 block deep moat to keep the zambies away at night.when I fell in with a bloated walker. The instant I smacked it my shovel broke! I was a goner anyway so I emptied my hotbar and let the goon barf me to death. When I respawned it was night time. The zambies were everywhere and I was throwing punches left and right just to get back to my house! I died over 15 times that night and was totally relieved to see the rising sun.

And that concludes my first day.


  • ChaosChaos Management
    Wow, I'm getting the game and will report back.
  • Update, I'm now playing on my tv which somehow has lower resolution than my screen!
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Nice! :P I died a bunch after raiding two gun safes. >_>
  • I just got done playing again and I lost my shotgun and all my water!
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Its so annoying!
  • I'm playing on easy too! UGH!
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Wow, I'm on the normal difficulty. :O
  • Well I have 5 fps, what about you?
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Uh.. 30.
  • How powerful IS that MacBook?!!!
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Uh... not very powerful.
  • Processor speed? Ram? Those are the main contributors to notebook Power. So any info on that?
  • HaroldHarold Management
    his bookmac is so shit it doesn't even have specks, just voluptuous amounts of septic waste.
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Actually it got upgraded to 128mb of SepticRAM
  • wait, 128M?
    The minimum you need is 4 gigs! It even says so on Steam! That and 2.4 GHz p4 processor. And those are MINIMUM specs to run the game at minimal graphics.
  • ChaosChaos Management
    I use a USb cord to attach extra RAM to my computer so I have an external 18GB disk. I also only have a 1GB hard drive so I use 3 15GB extenrals. And I have no processor so that's connected when I'm computing.
  • *jaw dropped*
    HOW do you carry that thing around?!?!?!
    And if you have no processor whatsoever, then just HOW does that work?!
  • ChaosChaos Management
    I have about 2-3 suitcases so that's how. And I connect my processor when I'm computing because it's external.
  • An external processor... Fascinating.
  • ChaosChaos Management
    The fans are the best part. When my computer detects that it is overheating I have 2 extremely powerful fans and the computer, in times of dire overheating, is able to actually levitate off of my desk due to the sheer air spun out by the fans. And I like to call that "blast off roger".
  • HaroldHarold Management
    It happens frequently during Google Hangouts sessions.
  • ChaosChaos Management
  • OH MY GOD DUDE, you HAVE to send me a video of that! I wanna see it in person! The blast off, I mean.
  • ChaosChaos Management
    I can't man I have no recorder.
  • I can send you a camera if you wa-
    Hey! Your PHONE has a camera!
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