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Minecraft 1.8: Lukey likes

HaroldHarold Management
edited August 2014 in Minecraft
Minecraft 1.8 will bring some very welcome improvements I've been clamoring for a while now, mainly performance improvements, a plugin API which I suspect will work similar to the way Bukkit plugins work, and the doors. fucking. stack.

Minecraft might almost be worth playing again if the community would just die out and a new, better one took its place.

Mojang poast:


  • ChaosChaos Management
    The doors. stack.?

    Have you ever wondered why everything that shouldn't stack (dirt, stone, diamonds, etc.) does but BUCKETS DON'T?!
  • Dude, buckets DO stack. Just not when filled.

    And my friend plays all the newest snapshots every day. So he knew about this before me. Surprised? He researches Minecraft in his free time, so don't be.
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Not previously though, they used to not stack at all..
  • I knew that. I think it was 1.6 they made buckets stack? Idk anymore. I barely play anymore since my laptop lost its screen.
  • ChaosChaos Management
    I don't really remember and what's the ETA on that being fixed?
  • My laptop? Just got the new screen today. Had to buy an entirely new laptop off a college grad. Same model, and only $75.
  • And yes, it's very fixed. Doesn't look like it was busted in the first place.
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