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Bukkit is dead.

Look at this, guys:

So many team members are gone.


  • HaroldHarold Management
    Quote from Reddit:
    Mojang never told anyone outside the company they bought Bukkit, so when the EvilSeph tried to shut down the project Mojang went "no you don't, we own it! We even have the receipt to prove it!".
    Well for the 2+ years after they bought it many people had contributed to the Bukkit project under the assumption that it was a community owned project, even the biggest contributors didn't know anything about the sale of bukkit.
    So when this was learned some of them weren't best pleased as they has basically been working on the project under false pretences, doing Mojangs work for free for two years.
    Well probably the biggest contributor to the project (something like 15k lines of code) read up on the licensing used for the project and discovered that under that license used for it he owned the code he contributed to the project, not Mojang. He decided to file DMCA takedown against Bukkit (and by extension all other projects that use Bukkit) saying it was using his copyrighted code without his permission, and he is well within his rights to do so.
    So now to get around this Mojang would have to remove all the code he contributed and re-write it, since over half the project code isn't owned by Mojang they are pretty screwed now, and to make it even worse pretty much everyone who worked on the project has left it as announced in this thread on their forum.
    At this point future Bukkit development is dead, if they want it to continue they'll basically have to start from scratch which is no small task since the project is like 4 years old now. Most of the dev's are now working on their own API called Sponge (will be a new API built on top of Forge), assisted by a lot of well known community developers as well. It will be as free of Mojang as possible with a license which will prevent any situation like this happening again.
    In my opinion Mojang fucked up bad on this by not announcing their purchase of the API at the time they hired the lead dev's to work for them.
  • ChaosChaos Management
    Mojang is so stupid. Bukkit was actually decent with plugins and stuff and now they go and do this... I'm just appalled. But don't worry, Microsoft will own them soon...
  • HaroldHarold Management
    Chaos said:

    But don't worry, Microsoft will kill them soon...

    ftfy. Mojang has been a stagnant company for years, this rumored MS acquisition will just put the nails in the coffin Mojang built for themselves.

  • ChaosChaos Management
    Very true, Mojang just WANTS to die.
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