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Ten Years Later: Chapter 1.1

My name is Tanner, son of Minepro. That's right, my father is the hero of Luckraftia. Just 9 years ago he saved this world from an evil force he won't say the name of. I go to the elementary school just outside of my hometown. It gets colder when I leave town so I'm always sure to bring a jacket.

I'm not sure what to say except that my friends are always picking on me for not being like my father. He's brave, I'm not. He can be awesome with just a pair of shoes, and... I think you get the idea. It sucks because all I really have is this crummy wooden sword modeled after, you guessed it, my father's. But it's not all bad, at least I have Conscience. My father put him out to pasture after he defeated this "great evil" so I head outside and talk with him while he helps me with homework.

If only that would've lasted shorter!

Summer came so late this year! I could almost feel the vibrations from the clock ticking by second after agonizing second. But when that harmonious chorus of noteblocks played, I was HOME FREE! I scurried back to the house just in time to see my father with my birthday present. School ended on my birthday, that's right! and I was oh so happy to see that one gift that; tantalizing piece of wrapping paper looming within sight. I thanked my father for the gift and tore through three layers to find my mark...


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