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Ten Year Later Chapter 1 Part 3

I only peeked my head up to catch a glimpse of what was going on. What I saw was utterly terrifying! There was this ominous black monolyth made entirely from obsidian with my dad being sucked in. He tried to speak but was stolen away as the portal itself disappeared! I panicked and ran for Zoey. Conscience was nice to hang around with, but Zoey was like a sister to me. I told her of the predicament and she sprung up at the mention of a disappearing portal.

"Did you just say..." I stopped her there and nodded. Then SHE started freaking out. I quickly slapped her back to reality in which she thanked me.

"What do we do? My mom and dad are gone and the portal they went into is gone!"

"You know that cave in the mountains outside of town?"

"Yeah... What about it?"

"There's something I need to show you." With that, she led me outside and to the river outside of town. We crossed only to have to climb halfway up a mountain and into a dank cave that looked like it could collapse any minute.

"In here" I followed Zoey into the cave, keeping my footsteps silent must i cause a cave in. She led me to a small, worn down chest which I opened and found a rusty sword and a sack of coins alongside a note.

If you're reading this, then an evil has plagued the world of Luckcraftia once again. It's the same evil I fought when I first discovered this world. Take this note to the mayor and ask him permission to enter the Stone Temple outside of town. You may want to reforge the sword in this chest as it has aged quite a bit over your lifetime. It was meant to be a gift to you for when you were older.

Lets hope the sparring we've done together taught you something.

Sincerely, Minepro."

I placed the letter in my school bag and took out the sword. I unsheathed the weapon and looked upon the rusty blade in my hand, tears starting to form in my eyes. There were intricate carvings on the sides of the blade and a pure diamond within the hilt. The sword itself was made from reinforced Iron and the hilt from obsidian.

"Tanner, we should go." I looked up at Zoey and nodded...
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