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The Future

ChaosChaos Management
Hey guys! I'm sure that those of us here (myself, Mcminer, and Harold) are interested to see what the future of the website holds. As of now I'm taking on the position as Owner of Mineboard and running/funding the website and it's expenditures. So what can we expect from here on out?

1) MineBoard will be joining the PlayMoreGames ( network. This is a network focusing on unifying gamers and helping create communities that truly have a passion for gaming and allow people to meet other gamers. At the moment PlayMoreGames is in a rough Beta stage and more news and updates regarding this will be posted as I further devleopment.

2) MineBoard will be moving to my hosting where I can control updates. Along with this we will be getting a new front-end so we aren't just a forum. We'll be using a Wordpress powered Blog and Website in order to create more content to drive traffic to the website.

3) There will be more forum improvements as I get more time to focus myself on the actual forum.

More to come from here, if you have any suggestions please feel free to post them! (or.. not. haha).


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