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Bridge over lava

HaroldHarold Management
edited July 2012 in General Discussion

Was exploring some massive cavern when I saw this. Looks like an abandoned mine merged over some weird trench full of lava.


  • MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
    Epic. My friend found a mineshaft that spanned over a ravine that had some diamond in it. while he was exploring it, he saw some stone bricks which meant Stronghold. he didn't find an end portal though...
  • HaroldHarold Management
    That sucks that he couldn't find the End Portal :( Thought every stronghold had one.
  • MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
    Not really, just 1 or 2 per world.
  • HaroldHarold Management
    Huh, odd. Didn't know that.
  • MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
    Yep, that's about it for end portals.
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