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New Sky Terrain Game In Development!

MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
edited April 2014 in General Discussion
You heard me right! I've begun dev on a new Sky Terrain game! However, I won't have it out until it's in Beta. It's currently in the "predev" stage right now as I still need to get the weapons drawn up and programmed.

To make my development easier, I'm using a tool called GameMaker: Studio. This already lets me drag and drop code to make programming much easier and once I familiarize myself with its language, I'll be able to make the game more sophisticated and give it better flavor.

Will update this thread in future announcements of game updates.


  • HaroldHarold Management
    A game? Dang man, that's cool. Can I make a game about pokey mans and spoonkillers?
  • MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
    I guess, but what's a Pokey Man and Spoonkiller? They're not going to kill my spoon, are they?
  • HaroldHarold Management
  • MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
    You can make the game as soon as I can see what you put here.
  • ChaosChaos Management
    I think I had GameMaker at one point. Never got past the Drag and Drop though, and the maps were small. :(
  • MCminer2011MCminer2011 Moderators
    You CAN edit map size Chaos, you just edit it through the room editor and choose the height in pixels. And Drag and Drop is easy once your familiar with the statements they produce.
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